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With the help pf these tips your work with computer will be more convenient and effective.


  • WINDOWS 7 Start new Explorer windows with administrator rights

Windows 7 doesn’t allow to open a new Explorer window with rights of default administrator for the sake of security considerations. This process requires new backup and to set a speacial mode in Start manu each time. Though you can avoid them slightly correcting Windows’ register. But first, open the Explorer with the combination of Win+E keys. In the section Adjust select the point Folders and Searching parameters. In this window go to the View tab, choose Running a window with folders by separate processes and click OK. Now it is necessary to establish the administrator mode for folders in the register. To do that press the keys Win + R and insert Regedit. Confirm the request by clicking OK. In the open window, in the Editor’s Register go to the Section key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppID\| C D C B C F C A - 3 C D C - 4 3 6 f - A4E20E02075250C2]>. With the mouse right button click on the key and select Delete. Close the Registry Editor and restart to the computer. After that you will be able to open Windows Guide from Start menu with administrator rights. Besides, you can still open the mode from Context menu.


  • WINDOWS Eliminate problems during overloading on PC resources

When the hard disk on which the working operating system is full of files, the system becomes vulnerable. Our advice will help to speed up Windows work and reduce disk overloading. Open the Task Manager by clicking the mouse right button on Taskbar and selecting the appropriate context menu item. Then, pass to the Process tab and close those, which you don’t need. For doing that you just need to mark them and select the item Stop the process. It’s possible that many programs are open when the system switches on. Open Start menu and insert msconfig in the searching line and press Enter. In Startup tab remove all the flags from programs which you don’t need when operatong system is starting. In tab Services all the systematic services are reflected. Select Hide all Microsoft services checkbox and unselect checkboxes from those services which you don’t need. For saving the changes press OK and restart the computer. The number of installed programs can also be the reason for disc overloading. Open the Control Panel in Start menu and select Programs and Components and delete those programs, which you don’t use now.


  • WINDOWS 8.1 Do not allow a grouping of several windows in the current programs taskbar.

If you don’t want identical windows to be grouped in current programs panel, you can easily turn off that function. Just press the mouse right button on Control Panel and and select the item Features from Context menu. In Control Panel tab go to list of Contrrol panel keys. If you want to completely disable the grouping function, select Don’t group. Besides, there is a function Group during Control panel functioning.


  • WINDOWS 7 Correc the menu OPEN WITH for some programs

If the function Open with is unavailable in Context menu, enter Control Panel, then go to the item Programs. Click Default programs and choose Select default programs. On the left side you will find an app. Mark the program and press Select this default program.